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Exciting Additions

Postby NLewis » Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:33 am

Hi everyone!

I would like to announce a couple of exciting additions to IMSLP that will come to fruition within the next couple of years.

1. "Open Minds" - On behalf of IMSLP, I would like to welcome everyone to a new creative effort - a series of conversations entitled "Open Minds". Unlike traditional interviews, this project seeks to open a new dialogue inside the artistic community. Open Minds aims to shine a different light on the creative process and what it takes to create a work of art.

2. "IMSLP Journal" - Although we already have an IMSLP Journal, it will be heavily renovated to look professional and welcoming. We will also strive to engage more with the community by encouraging high quality articles.

3. "IMSLP Education" - This project will take a couple of years to fully come to light, but the project begins this week. IMSLP offers free scores, recordings, and videos. It seems to be a logical next step to offer free music education. Included:

[*] Masterclasses - high quality masterclasses that will have a designated tab in each relevant work page. These masterclasses will be highly professional, and include audition excerpts as well as repertoire.
[*] Textbook - IMSLP will have a fully integrated music theory textbook with discussion forums for each chapter.
[*] Video Presentations - Video lectures available for each chapter of the text book, as well lectures on a variety of topics. The options are limitless.

These additions to IMSLP over the next couple of years are very exciting.

Best wishes,

Nicholas Lewis
(Director of Community, co-leader of copyright project, Administrator)

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