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Postby jhellingman » Fri Nov 02, 2007 7:40 am

emeraldimp wrote:I've actually considered what this would take before, and I suspect that, with PGDP's current setup, it wouldn't require extraordinary changes to do a Lilypond section (I have done some small research in this area, although it's been quite some time). As a related example, I have seen Lilypond integrated with Mediawiki before.

I think it's workable if: 1) you can get enough volunteers, either from DP or here, to make steady progress; and 2) it's broken into manageable chunks (for example, it used to take me about 2 minutes to P1 a page (and not much more for P2), but it can take me several hours to transcribe a page of music, which would occasionally be needed, even with the best available music OCR software, which might or might not be available).

If you want to continue this discussion, maybe we should break it into a different thread?

It is probably worth a different thread. The PGDP code is freely available, but will require considerable time and skills to set up and running. Integrating with Lilypond will be possible, but require people with skills in the area. The central idea of distributed proofreading is that such tasks are small enough to be done in a lost moment. -- 2 minutes is fine, 10 minutes ok, but if a single page takes of music about an hour, you'll probably need to split the work into smaller units.

Furthermore, since Lilypond requires more learning than just typing text, and is not WYSIWYG (But you get more), things will be slower again.

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