Scans optimised for A4 printing

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Scans optimised for A4 printing

Postby Nobilmente » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:29 am

I use IMSLP to print parts for performance. Most pdfs are the dimensions of the original, usually larger
than A4. My A3 printer will print A4 booklets, so to maximise staff size, I have to reduce margins and
change the aspect ratio.

In addition, I note that title pages are omitted from scans, which can upset the page turns, and I have to
add them before printing. I now have a large collection of these A4 optimised files.

If there is a demand for these files, I am happy to upload them, but I am aware that they effectively
duplicate what is already there, merely saving the user some work. What are users' views?

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Re: Scans optimised for A4 printing

Postby coulonnus » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:25 pm

I also have a collection of A4-optimized imslp scans for keyboard. But I am too shy to post them. :-)

Some scans have the title page, but skip the blank page put by the publisher before the first music page, causing also bad page turns.

I do not approve changing the aspect ratio. I put uniform margins on the top and sides of my scans, leaving a wider bottom margin. Remember that other countries use the letter format instead of A4. Then when these users print an A4 score there are less undesirable margins if they try the "fit to printable area" option with a score that has this aspect ratio.

How do you print in booklet mode without size reduction? (see previous topic)

You might want to recommend - and expand -

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