Ricci's Variations, Cadenzas, Traditions

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Ricci's Variations, Cadenzas, Traditions

Postby TDLemon » Thu May 25, 2017 12:42 pm

This is my first post in this forum, and it's about my first possible contribution to IMSLP. So, thank you in advance to anyone willing to help a "newbie".

I would like to upload a scan of a book by Luigi Ricci, "Variazioni - Cadenze - Tradizioni" [Variations, Cadenzas, Traditions]. The book was published by Ricordi in 4 volumes between 1937 and 1941 (according to WorldCat); the copies that I scanned also have the additional marking "Ripristino 1945" (the first two volumes) or "Ripristino 1947" (the last two).
The book contains mainly transcriptions of (as the title says) variations, cadenzas and traditions, as they were sung by prominent opera singers at the time of publication or in the previous decades, or written by composers (the 4th volume is entirely cadenzas and variations written by Rossini). For this reason it shouldn't be (in my opinion) considered as original work of Ricci, with the exception of a brief section of text in volume 3, about appoggiaturas in recitative, written by Ricci himself. Therefore the publication (at least volume 1 and 2) should be PD, although Ricci died in 1981 (a lot less than 70 years ago...).

Can someone confirm (or deny) my speculations?
Thank you

PS: If the publication is suitable for upload, it would be necessary creating a page for Luigi Ricci, and differentiating this page from the already existing page about the composer with the same name. How could I do that?

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Re: Ricci's Variations, Cadenzas, Traditions

Postby Sallen112 » Thu May 25, 2017 3:57 pm

Nope sorry, Since he died less than 50 years for Canadian Copyright, we can't have anything contributed by him until 2032, including that collection you mentioned which is totally off-limits. Their is the other composer from the 19th century who is totally free but that is a different composer from a different time.

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