Johann Hermann Schein - some guidance requested

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Johann Hermann Schein - some guidance requested

Postby homerdundas » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:05 pm

Hi everyone,
Late last year someone uploaded items from Schein's collection Cymbalum Sionium and Musica boscareccia. There work pages already for the individual songs in these collections. Should we:

1. add the individual songs to the collection pages and delete the work pages?
2. move works from Cymbalum to the individual song work pages (since there are just a few), and ?? with Musica b.
3. Just cross reference everything.
4. (??? your suggestion below)

Scale of work:
Cymbalum - 30 works of 5-12 voices (pdf sizes 7-15 pages each)
Musica b. - 50 works (pdf sizes 2-?? pages)

PML has already linked the Sämtliche Werke page to all the individual song work pages (=lot's o nice work).

Suggestions? Thanks.
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Re: Johann Hermann Schein - some guidance requested

Postby pierre.chepelov » Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:52 pm

I had the same question in mind a few days ago...
My vote is : 1. because
(cent #1) each Schein publication seems to be a coherent opus and is convenient to deal with;
(cent #2) it is so weird to see Allein Gott and Alleluja between Ach, Amor and Als Filli schön... :P

[EDIT] Vote 4 : maybe split the Musica boscareccia into its three parts?
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