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Proof of authorization or receipt

Postby moellmanj » Fri May 20, 2016 7:36 pm

My children are participating in local and provincial music festivals in Canada. One of them is playing a work, accompanied by me, which is in the PD in Canada. We downloaded the score and her part from IMSLP. The local music festival approved its use. However, the provincial festival has the following rule (their emphasis):

Solo competitors must provide the Adjudicator’s Secretary with full original scores of their music prior to the
performance. Competitors with accompanists must provide the Adjudicator’s Secretary with full original scores of their music, showing both solo and accompaniment parts in the proper key. All copyright laws must be observed. Photocopies or computer-generated copies will not be accepted unless they show legal authorization from the publisher or copyright holder or proof of purchase (receipt). OMFA reserves the right to disqualify any competitor presenting a photocopy or computer-generated copy. Please note that copyright/photocopy regulations also apply to all accompanists. Accompanists are permitted to play from photocopies as long as a copy of the original score is present, face up on the piano or under the piano bench.

Does IMSLP offer any sort of "receipt" or proof of authorization that can be used along with a PD score? It seems that my right to make use of something in the PD should be observed, too! Or, is there an applicable law, etc., that could be referenced?

Thank you!

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Re: Proof of authorization or receipt

Postby Carolus » Wed May 25, 2016 5:09 pm

Canada's statute is pretty simple: life plus 50 years. What they're effectively demanding is that you prove a negative. I find it amusing that organizations like this have no problem accepting things like CD Sheet Music who never tells you what has been scanned apart from some big series like the BGA but acts as if IMSLP - which is far better documented - is some sort of 'Pirate Bay'.

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