Instrumentation listing for Heinichen sonatas

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Instrumentation listing for Heinichen sonatas

Postby cdettman » Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:58 pm

I recently contributed two sonatas for solo instrument and continuo by Johann David Heinichen. In the manuscript from which they were taken, they are both listed as for violin with continuo, but the suit the baroque oboe perfectly and are probably equally or originally for that instrument. In my edition, I describe them as for violin or oboe. However, they are currently listed differently as to instrumentation: the C minor sonata (S.224) is listed as for violin and the F major (S. 263) as for oboe. In order for them to be accessible for those interested in them, it would be best for both to be described as for violin or oboe (they will be of more interest to oboe players who have a smaller repertoire than violinists). Please correct this if possible. Thanks.

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Re: Instrumentation listing for Heinichen sonatas

Postby Notenschreiber » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:06 am

You speak from the sonatas S.266 in c minor(not S.224) and S.263 in F major, i think. Both sonatas are tagged for oboe and violin as well, so you will find them in the categories "oboe, continuo" and "violin, continuo". The F-Dur sonata has RISM entries for oboe and violin, the c minor sonata only for violin. I agree, that both are more likely composed as oboe sonatas, but there seems to be no surviving sources for the oboe version of S.266. There must be some evidence for this version, otherwise the sonata would not appear in Haynes catalog. But i´m afraid, that this is not enough to list it as oboe sonata.

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