oops: did Add Work on wrong tab of Composer page

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oops: did Add Work on wrong tab of Composer page

Postby Charanguero » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:21 am

This is my first submission and I didn't realize that my Add Work on the Composer page for "Hullah, John" apparently required me to select the "Books" tab first, so my submission for "The Song Book" defaulted to the "Compositions" tab. I think it should be under "Books" though "As Editor" might be appropriate.

After searching the forums for "wrong tab" and finding a couple of cases where this was resolved by admin, I am asking for similar help in this case.

a) Please move "The Song Book" reference on Hullah's page from Compositions to Books.
b) Is that operation something I could do myself?
c) Should this request have been on the Composer's Talk page, or is this forum more appropriate.
d) Is there a more detailed version of "Quick Guide to Score Submission" that would have alerted me to the need to preselect the correct tab?

TIA for your patience.

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Re: oops: did Add Work on wrong tab of Composer page

Postby bicinium » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:18 pm

Hello, welcome to IMSLP. I am not an admin or anyone in particular, really, but I think I know enough to answer your questions correctly.

(here is the page, for the reader's convenience

Regarding the choosing of a tab before clicking "Add Work"; I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way, and that you can only set the page type (e.g. book) once the page has been created. The way to do this is rather simple; add a "Page Type" field to the information about the work and give it a value like "Book", "Collection" etc.

I think this page should go into the Collections tab rather than Books; Books are for things that are primarily literary, like treatises and textbooks. This is, aside from the preface, entirely a collection of music and poems. All authors with works included should have this page added to their Collections tab as well, by inserting the ColCat template I think. Now, I'm not entirely sure whether the composer in the title should be "Hullah, John" (the collector) or "Various" (the collectees) as I've seen conflicting examples.

I also fixed the link to archive.org by using the IArch template created for that purpose.

Here's a diff showing the specific things I changed.

Don't worry about not doing everything perfectly; I think your upload was totally fine, and only requires a little bit of routine work on the part of the copyright reviewers as is usually the case.

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