Petrucci, Lamentations

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Petrucci, Lamentations

Postby steltz » Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:55 am

I'm trying to tag this, and someone uploaded only an extract. Grove Music does not give a complete list of authors, nor does it give the numbers of voices. Since we don't have a full manuscript I can't check the music itself. Does anyone know:

1) Are they all for 4 voices? If not, what are the others for?
2) I found a list of some of the composers -- Agricola, Tinctoris, Bernhard Ycart, Marbrianus de Orto, Johannes de Quadris, Tromboncino, Gaspar, Francesco d’Ana, Erasmus Lapicida and others. Who are the "others"?

Thanks for the help.

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