Collections of more than one composer

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Collections of more than one composer

Postby henryflurry » Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:22 pm

I am researching American ballroom dance of 1910 - 1915 - a short period of a specific group of dance forms/styles characterized by the rise of the Castle couple.

I found little on the web in terms of sheet music music related specifically to this genre, so I purchased a used copy of Castle Society Dance Folio for Piano (1914). I have scanned it, and I would like to make it available for future research efforts by other folks.

This collection features a number of different composers. Almost all of the pieces are arrangements. One of the works is already available on IMSLP as a separate sheet music copy, and another one or two (can't remember) are available on IMSLP as different arrangements. All of the composers appear to have died before 1965. Many of the pieces are not on IMSLP.

From my point of view, keeping the collection together is important, for it represents a cohesive snapshot of the music sanctioned by the Castle Society for ballroom dance.

- Is this collection suitable for uploading to IMSLP?
- How would it be categorized, since multiple composers are involved?
- How would i link to this collection from specific composer pages, if that is possible?


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Re: Collections of more than one composer

Postby Carolus » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:19 pm

Who compiled the collection? Collections - provided it is an original selection of material (not something like Beethoven's 32 Sonatas) - are entitled to the same term in Canada that an arrangement is: Life plus 50 years of the last surviving contributor. If the author of the collection is and all the individual authors included are clear, the term is 75 years from creation or 50 years from publication, whichever is shortest. Collection pages can (and are) added, but they are not exactly for the novice, especially if they contain vocal works where not only composers, arrangers and editors are involved, but authors of texts and translators come into play as well.

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