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Zemlinsky op.13 Maeterlinck Songs orchestral version

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:56 pm
by ulyosha
Hi there,
as I'm through with making virtual orchestra playbacks for all of Mahler's lieder and for his Lied von der Erde, I'm now thinking of working on other composers of orchestral lieder. I was asked for Zemlinsky's op. 13 and would love to devote to the orchestral version.
UE allows to read the whole score as a perusal score which of course must not be uesed for any kind of performance or exploitation. ... 534-dp.pdf
My question is: As Zemlinsky died in 1942 (76 years ago) and the score was published in 1923: Will it change the legal situation when I buy the score ?
Would I be allowed to make orchestral accompaniments using my beloved Vienna Symphonic Library samples if prooving that the score I used is an officially purchased one ?
Thank you for answering