Adding links to IMSLP scores on a website

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Adding links to IMSLP scores on a website

Postby Geoffroy Pignal » Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:10 pm


I posted a request in French last year an the person who answered told me I should ask on the English forum.

Here is the subject : I am creating a free "web search engine" about the works composed by Franz Schubert.
The idea is to give information about each work, with links to the score (free of copyright) and the text of the song (with its translations) if it's a lied or a choral work.
The best is to give you a try directly on the website : enter any keyword, as symphony, flower, quartet, night, violin, sonata or a number between 1 and 998 (the number of entries in Schubert's catalogue).
If the work is outlined, and you click on it, you are directed to the score on IMSLP

I don't know if I have the right to put a link directly on a score in IMSLP.
Could you confirm?
Best regards, and thanks for your great job,

Geoffroy Pignal

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