Obtaining MIDIs for research

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Obtaining MIDIs for research

Postby ahno » Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:34 am


I'm working on a research project on voice separation in polyphonic music. In data driven approaches like ours, we depend on annotated data, which for us would be polyphonic music where voices are notated separatly. For example, we get that from MIDIs where each voice is stored in a separate MIDI track.

There are tons of MIDIs available on the internet, but the copyright situation is often unclear. Our work will be entirely non-commercial and we want to give credit for all the resources we have used.

I have seen that a lot of music that would be interesting to us can be found on IMSLP. In particular, there seem to exist MIDIs for many of the works in the Werner Icking Music Archive, which would be fantastic to obtain. However, I have not found a way to obtain the archive without manually downloading every single file. I don't want to write an automated crawler, since that is probably not the use case you imagine for your server.

Therefore, is there another way to obtain large sets of MIDIs that would be licit for research use from the IMSLP?

Thank you!

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