List of all links to Wikipedia

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List of all links to Wikipedia

Postby salgo60 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:11 pm

Question: We are connecting IMSLP and Wikidata to make this work faster is there a way to get a list of
IMSLP profiles that have a link to WIkipedia/Wikidata?

As Wikidata has more external identifiers also other like VIAF are of interest to easier identify a match

Magnus Sälgö
Stockholm, Sweden

Wikidata is the data layer of Wikipedia ==> one article in WIkipedia has an entry i Wikidata
All different language versions of an article in WIkipedia has the same Wikidata entry e.g.

IMSLP Category:Avenarius,_Ferdinand
is the same as
Wikidata Q85155
that has WIkipedia entries

In Wikidata we have a Property IMSLP ==> you can on an object in Wikidata say this is the same person as IMSLP


Is a tool written for connecting external sources to Wikidata IMSLP is 958 ==> you can see an overview of number of items that are matched/automatched or not matched.....

My thought if we could get a list from you with
  • IMSLP id
  • Wikipedia URL
  • VIAF

this matching will go faster....

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