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Wrong work on a composer's page

Postby Zeyar Shwe » Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:53 pm

I am terribly sorry that I have done a stupid thing. I have uploaded on Domenico Alberti 's work page Martha, a fantasia by D Domenico. I should have realised that Domenico Alberti was dead for some time when Flowtow composed Martha and the D. Alberti whose Martha I uploaded, could not possibly be Domenico Alberti on IMSLP. The work was published in 1914 and I searched the internet for D. Alberti ( it was stupid of me to assume that D stands for Domenico, which might not be the case), a harpist or composer but could not find out any biographical fact nor about him apart from the harp music he wrote being advertised. Although his work most probably are in PD, I cannot be 100% certain about it. Even if his work are in PD, a new composer page will need to be created and the work moved to it. The file might need to be deleted if we cannot be sure of the PD status.
I am very sorry that I have made a mess of it. Please help to correct my stupid mistake and I will be very grateful.
PS- When I realised my mistake I edited the page again and wrote about my mistake on the work page.

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