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Vaclav Veit is not and never was his name

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:59 am
by klossbruhe
Wenzel Heinrich Veit (1804-1864) was born in Repnitz, at the time a German town in the Bohemian part of the Habsburg Empire. Until recently, he was ignored by the Czechs who have suddenly claimed him as one of theirs and have "baptized" him with the Czech version of his name Vaclav Jindrich Veit. Veit attended Charles University in Prague and studied law at a time when it was an all German university. The reason Veit and his muIsic were ignored by the Czechs until recently was mostly because he was an ethnic German. It is totally unhistorical and wrong that sources IMSLP and Wikipedia refer to him by the Czech version of his name. A name he never used and which does not appear either on his baptismal certificate or gravestone. He always signed all documents Heinrich Wenzel Veit. IMSLP, a music authority should use the correct name. I alerted you to this same issue as to George Onslow at a time when IMSLP was calling him Georges, also incorrect...