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Category: Juwal Publisher

Postby Ravpapa » Sat Jul 02, 2016 8:23 am

There is a category for publications of the Juwal publishing house. This publishing house, founded by Joel Engel around 1901, also went by the name Jibneh and Jibneh-Juwal. There are a good number of works in IMSLP that were published by this house and are uncategorized. I would be glad to do this work, but for two issues:

First, there is the issue of the name. Some of the publications bear the name Jibneh, others Jibneh-Juwal. Certainly, for research purposes, they all belong in the same category, but, since the name is different, is there some policy that would prevent this?

Second, I couldn't figure out how to categorize. I tried to edit the page for a composition, but did not find the categories there. So a brief explanation would be appreciated.



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Re: Category: Juwal Publisher

Postby cypressdome » Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:56 am

I've created a publisher page for Juwal. Please feel free to improve upon it. In order to get scores added to the category Scores published by Juwal you must use the P template on the individual work pages in the Publisher Information field. You can see how this is implemented on Krein's ''Boqer teireni dimati''. Juwal would go into the first field after the P. The publisher name in that field must match the name used on the publisher page or the work page will not show up in the "Scores published by Juwal" category. The second field can be used for whatever imprint that company or its successors used (Jibne Edition in this case) and this will display on the work page.

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