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Postby grantco » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:14 am


Didn't it used to be that the category of a "collection" on here was used for books (or collections) in which multiple composers were in one book so someone doing a search for their music knew to look in these books which may not be obvious to know their contents? Now with the definition being "with or BY" a composer haven't you made a huge pile of work for yourselves since almost ANY publication of works by a composer is now a "collection?" So for example to take a look at one of the composers I have contributed to, on the Maurice Greene page you have his "A Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord," "12 Organ Voluntaries," "Spencer's Amoretti," and "40 Select Anthems" all of which should now be moved to the "collections" tab. Also on the Balbastre page his "Pieces de Clavecin," "Recueil de Noels" and "Sonates en Quatuor" should all ALSO be moved if that's the system now being used.

Are you sure you really want to have to go back and redo almost every page on here? It seemed to me that using the term "collections" for books which had several composers in them made far more sense...

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