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Living Composer

Postby paulovidal » Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:14 pm

I would like to put some scores of a living composer that authorizes the placement of them in the web.

About the first two sheets that I would like to put:
1) One of the works is dedicated to me -- I want to put the manuscript, which the composer gave to me, and a design that I made [I am a designer] --
2) and the other one is a preface to a printed book (Im Gefängnis, by Egon Schiele), and was diagrammed by myself (the owner of the publisher also authorizes me).

I am registered on the website, but the composer does not use internet. Can he send an approval by his wife's e-mail so I can put the scores on the site?

Sorry for my terrible english.

I'm waiting and thank you for the help,

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Re: Living Composer

Postby bicinium » Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:20 pm

Although I'm not exactly qualified, this has gone unanswered for a week, ...

The works you want to upload will have to be licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses. All the variants have one thing in common - they allow the works to be freely redistributed anywhere - but with varying levels of restriction on top of that.

For instance, the most restrictive creative commons license would be "CC BY-NC-ND", which puts three restrictions on the user:
  1. Attribution: The author(s) must always be credited, for instance, by including the composer's name in a copyright notice.
  2. Non-commercial: No money can be exchanged as part of the distribution. Users aren't allowed to sell printed copies or demand payment for downloads.
  3. No derivatives: The works can only be redistributed without modification. This also forbids arrangements and typesets of the works.

If the composer has a performance rights association and wants to restrict performances of the works as well, IMSLP also allows you to choose a Performance Restricted license, such as "PR BY-NC-ND". If the composer is alright with his works being distributed here under that license, then an e-mail stating as such will probably be sufficient. But that doesn't take into consideration your designs, and whether or not the authorization by your publisher means that you can license them under one of these licenses.

I hope that this has been informative, and also correct...

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