Default Add Files page loses Composer field

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Default Add Files page loses Composer field

Postby Eric » Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:38 pm

Trying to add a PDF music file (the usual way...) from my hard drive but the work page shows up as "Dear Mother, Was It Right" instead of "Dear Mother, Was It Right (Strakosch, Maurice)" so of course gets a nonexistent page error when at first I didn't notice this. I'd call this a fatal error and possibly quite recent in my guess and opinion ? ... .. tried it with Safari and Google Chrome on my Mac laptop with OS 10.7.3 I think. (attempts to manually add the composer data don't work.)

Hrm. Could be the ? in the page name actually now I think on it. Will first move to a page without a ? at the end :) ... forgot about that. Sorry! Whoops! Ok, forget this ...

(Ok, works fine now. Odd, I remember being able to add ?s at the end of page names before!! )


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