Foerster string quintet op 3

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Foerster string quintet op 3

Postby euphoniuman » Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:45 am

I'm searching for the parts and/or score of Josef Bohuslav Foerster's string quintet with double bass. I wrote to the editor but it is not longer available.
If anyone can help me (I guess it's PD)

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Re: Foerster string quintet op 3

Postby Eric » Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:35 pm

Published in 1914 by Urbanek (opus numbers and publication dates with argh. Though it's possible that an earlier publication is just unknown to me, of course - as it is, I had trouble finding _this_ one, almost failed to find it after going through Worldcat ,NKP Czech library catalog, ÖNB Austria, then Worldcat again!).

Copy available at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Free Library URL Record.

Fleisher Collection, In Library Use Only. Does not interloan. Still, contact the librarians...
(This one says it's only two movements. I do not know if that's the original, or if it's only an excerpt from the original that reprinted only 2 movements of it. So caveat! But perhaps better than nothing all the same. If I can find an earlier publication, or manuscript, with more information, or a publication about Foerster that I manage to interloan (or a downloadable dissertation- those are great...) that says more about the piece, at least how many movements it originally had, where the ms is, etc.- that I'll follow up with. Sorry about the 9 month delay...)

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