The Triumphs of Oriana (1899), choral collection

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The Triumphs of Oriana (1899), choral collection

Postby under_score » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:17 pm

I have only been able to find online 2 of the 13 choral works of this collection made on the occasion of Queen Victoria's 80th birthday, printed by the Macmillan company.
The other 11 are:
A. M. Goodhart's Lady on the silver throne,
A. Somervell's With still increasing blessings,
C. H. Llloyd's A thousand years, by sea and land,
E. Elgar's To her beneath whose stedfast star,
C. V. Stanford's Out in the windy West,
F. Bridge's For all the Wonder of thy regal day,
J. Stainer's Flora's Queen,
C. Wood's A century's penultimate,
H. Walford Davies' Hark! the World is full of thy praise,
G. Martin's The seaboards are her mantle's hem
and W. Parratt's The Triumph of Victoria.

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Re: The Triumphs of Oriana (1899), choral collection

Postby David Campbell » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:16 pm

A number of libraries hold copies of this under the title 'Choral songs by various writers and composers in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria'.

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