Schubert Lieder Peters - a few missing

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Schubert Lieder Peters - a few missing

Postby nfn » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:48 am

User Fdamiani has done a marvellous job uploading the Peters Schubert Lieder.

However, a few Lieder are missing. Peters published an extra volume "Ausgewaelte Lieder". That volume includes six songs under the heading "Bisher in der Edition Peters nicht enthalten". They are D6, D30, D108, D194, D310, D945. Of those, D310 is already available on ISMLP in the Peters edition (for low voice, shown as "Peters?"); the other five are available on IMSLP in other editions but not in the Peters edition. I have that volume, Number 3505, for "Tiefer Alt oder Bass". I could supply scans if needed, but I thought Fdamiani might like to fill in those gaps to complete the project.

I would send a message to user Fdamiani, but I cannot remember or find out how to do that; I hope he or she sees this.

Nigel Nettheim

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